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My New Novel Is Here!

I'm excited to announce the launch of  Limerence - a psychological drama that chronicles the life and choices of a woman searching for connection in all the wrong places.

Available in paperback, e-book, and audio-book through all booksellers and Amazon. Contact me if you’d like a free Kindle version!

About Me

I've dedicated my life to serving the emotional and spiritual growth of others. My greatest joys, in addition to marriage, motherhood, and friendships include being a student and teacher, while witnessing those around me attaining true fulfillment. 

Shira Block, MA Psychology and Counseling is a popular lecturer, regular on-air expert guest, author, personal and family coach, counselor, and gifted communicator. Block has a special talent for captivating audiences with her humor, clarity, and ability to pinpoint problems and devise effective solutions. Since 1991 she has had a thriving coaching practice and conducts workshops nationwide.

Block has taught thousands how to improve written and verbal communications, create healthy compromise, and improve family dynamics. Her workshops and personal coaching are all result-oriented leaving participants with a clear path of "what to do."

Her client list includes corporate giants such as Merill Lynch, Travelers Insurance, Spalding Sports Worldwide, AAA, Con Edison, and The Hartford Insurance Company as well as actors, musicians, doctors, flight attendants, socialites, therapists, students, artists, and prison inmates.

Her books include Limerence (Glendale Press Books), The Way Home, Step-By-Step Miracles: A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Dreams (Kensington Publishing) and co-author of When Your Parent Moves In: Every Child's Guide to Living with an Aging Parent (Adams Media).

Block is a regular NBC affiliate on-air guest, has been a guest on more than 100 radio shows and has been featured in popular publications such as Glamour, Marie Claire, Prime Magazine, Boston Globe, US News and World Report, Main Line Times, JuicyHeads, and Options of London.




TV/Radio Interviews


Tips for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Transitions in general can be difficult - not just going from summer fun time to the Fall. Take a look at my recent talk with Danny New on WWLP Mass Appeal as we discuss this important topic!


How to Get Along on Family Vacations

Going on a family vacation with your kids or with your adult siblings? Take a moment and watch my recent interview with Danny New on WWLP Mass Appeal.


Gracefully Saying No

I love this topic - but - the edits and the cut-in clips are way off. They completely change my message. So - take a look at my recent chat with Danny New on WWLP Mass Appeal, but do so with your eyes closed!!!!!


Ever Wonder Why Some Parents Go Overboard Helping Their Kids Get Into College?

If you've been watching the news, you've heard of the Varsity Blues Scandal - aka - College admission scam. Ever wonder why some parents go overboard in helping their kids with the college search? Danny New on WWLP Mass Appeal and I discuss just that!


Five Biggest Parenting Mistakes

We all love our children and want what's best for them. However, most of us make the same mistakes over and over. Listen to my latest chat with Danny New for the mistakes and ways to fix them!


Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Couples!

It's normal to get caught up in the day-in-and-day-out of life. However, every now and then it's great to slow down and express gratitude - especially for those closest to us. Valentine's Day offers us that opportunity to focus on what matters and to celebrate the one we love. But what if we don't have one-special-someone? What if we're single? 

Combating Body Image Issues

Our bodies are miracles.--the vehicles through which we experience life. So why do we spend so much time hating ours? Lauren Zenzie from Mass Appeal and I take a moment to discuss what we can do to feel better about ourselves!


When Your Kids Come Home for the Holidays

Holidays are family time. They are also some of the most stressful times of the year. This is especially true when the kids come home. Regardless of how long they've been gone, a semester, a year, a decade or more consider these points to continue to build and maintain a strong bond with your adult children, holidays or not.


The Psychology Behind the Love of Being Scared

Some of of us love scary movies and intense roller coasters. I’m not one of them - but there are many who are! I spoke with Danny New on Mass Appeal about the psychology behind the love of being afraid!


Solutions for the Over-doer

I'm pretty busy. I'm sure most of you are too. There's nothing wrong with having an active life. In fact, being busy can be fun and fulfilling. Being an over-doer, however, is a different story. Tuesday, I spoke with Lauren Zenzie on Mass Appeal about the difference between being busy and crossing that line to over-doing it.


When Your Children Leave Home

When children leave for college or move out for good, its hard on the parents. Because of this, its easy to forget how intense the transition is for the kids. Like it not - when these about-to-be-adults aren't getting what they need (I'm not talking about doing their laundry and cleaning up after them) life is harder for everyone. If you want to do what's best for your young adults and ultimately what's best for you, listen in on the my conversation with Lauren Zenzie



Can I be a Good Person and Still Have Bad Thoughts?

None of us are perfect. We're human. However, even in our imperfection, most of us still want to see ourselves as good people. But, what happens if we have bad thoughts--a lot of them? Can We Still Be Good? Danny New and I begin the conversation!


How to be Taken Seriously

When it comes right down to it, whether we are speaking with our doctor, our spouse, a prospective or current boss, or with our children, we all want want to be taken seriously. Being taken seriously should be a birthright, but unfortunately its something we must earn. Danny and I discuss the five steps you need to be taken seriously in any circumstance.


The Myths of Multi-tasking

We're busy. We have too much to do. Multi-tasking seems, for many, to be the key to getting everything done. However, endless research shows that multi-tasking may actually keep us from being as productive as we could be if we were tackling one task at a time. Danny and I discuss the details on Mass Appeal!


Are you Compromising or Selling out?

Compromise is a natural part of any healthy relationship. But, where is the line between healthy compromise and selling out. Danny New and I discuss the details!


Why Did I Say That?

If you've ever felt like you had "foot-in-mouth-disease" check out my latest appearance with Danny New on Mass Appeal!


When is it Okay to Let Go?

If you ever wonder when it's time to let go and move on ( or even morph your life's vision to reflect who you are today), check out my latest interview on Mass Appeal!


Getting Along with Even the Toughest Family Members Part II

Getting along with even the toughest family members during the holidays: Some people greet the holidays with goodwill and cheer -- other's, not so much. Regardless, you can still create holiday peace and get along with even the toughest members of your family. 


How to Have a Peaceful Thanksgiving

Have you ever wondered why family tensions seem to flair during the holidays? If so, watch my latest segment on Mass Appeal on how to avoid the pitfalls and how to have a peaceful Thanksgiving!


Get Unstuck and Finish the Year Strong

If you're like most people, the list of changes you want to make in your life are the same as they were the year before and the year before that. No need to worry - learn the behaviors that keep you stuck and the steps to take to get you moving!


Why We Like Being Scared

Many of us associate Autumn with the holidays, beginning with Halloween. We celebrate Halloween with scary masks, menacing pumpkin faces, and haunted hay rides. It seems like we celebrate by being afraid. But why?  Why do we like to be scared?


Power of the Apology

We all know apologizing is a good thing. But, all apologies aren't created equal. Learn about the three main apology types and which ones make us stronger and which ones we should get rid of for good!


Little White Lies are Anything But....

Everyone does it--tells little lies. What's the harm? Just because people lie all the time doesn't mean its harmless. On the contrary, lying creates more problems than meets the eye.


Mastering Life's Great Hat Swap  

Mastering Life's Great Hat Swap: Change is inevitable - especially in regard to your role in your family and the hats you wear: Just last year you were the kid and your role was to be cared for. Last month you were a parent to your own toddlers and your role was to raise children. Today you're babysitting your grandchildren and your role is as a support person for your adult children. Tomorrow, you're helping your parents manage their own life transitions and your role is caretaker of your parents. As life changes, you'll need to change hats over and over again...


Living a Successful Life

Society sets guidelines that identify what it means to be successful. These guidelines cover everything from the clothes size we should wear to the amount of money we should make. Unfortunately, many of these guidelines don't encourage us to thrive, rather they set us up to fail. Its time to drop ill fitting notions of what it means to be successful. Its time to create our own parameters that revolve around who we are, not around who we think we should be. 


Surviving a Midlife Crisis

Surviving the midlife crisis: If you are lucky, you reach midlife (or even your 30s) having exceeded your dreams and goals. If so, the midlife crisis is no more than a humorous plot in a movie or even a punchline. But, what happens if you don't quite land where you had expected? Learn the steps to shift disappointment into pride for where you are now and build excitement about your future.


Stop Worrying About What Others Think

If you're like many people, you spend too much time worrying about what other people think. Don't waste another day plagued by the thought "I wonder what he thinks of me."


How to De-clutter Your  Mind

We all know the benefits of cleaning out the closet. But, did you know, its equally important to clear out unwanted thoughts from your mind? De-cluttering your mind from unhealthy thoughts can immediately reduce stress and improve the quality of your days. Learn a few strategies that really work!



Does Saying No Make You a Bad Person?

People are under the misconception that nice people say yes all the time. Not true. Being able to say no is not only one of the keys to happiness, but makes you a better friend, family member, partner, and sometimes even a better person.


How to Get Out of Being the Constant Go-to Person

Do you find that you’re always the one stepping up to bake the cookies, pay the extra money, carpool the kids, plan the family gatherings or volunteer at the next community event to make everyone happy? Learn how to stop being everyone’s go to person and still feel good about yourself.


A Culture of Lying

Are all lies created equal?  What is the downside of lying and the upside of the truth telling? 


To Rock or Not to Rock the Boat?

To rock or not to rock the boat: We live in a “stand up and fight” society where we are told we must speak up. That may be true – but its not true all the time. When is it better to make our feelings known and when is it better to keep our mouths shut?  


Managing the Conversational Kidnapper

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a lengthy conversation that you don’t know how to get out of? Learn how to effectively end the conversation and move on.


The Power of the Pause

Have you ever said, “Why did I say that? Or Why did I text that? Or Why did I do that?” Sometimes, pausing for just a second before reacting can eliminate the “why did I do that?” for good! 


Are You With the Right Partner?

Chemistry between two people isn’t enough to sustain a long term partnership. Follow these tips to see if your partner is right for you.


Renewing Your Passion for Your Partner

Long term relationships, even ones that begin passionately, can fall victim to the daily routine. Infusing romance back into your relationship has to start somewhere, so why not rekindle that flame starting today! 

Mindset Makeover

We all made New Year’s resolutions, but without a change in mindset, change may last a day, a week or even a month or two, but soon enough old habits will take over. With the right shift in your mindset, your changes can last.

Setting and Maintaining Your Goals

The beginning of the year is the time we are more motivated than ever to get healthy and achieve our resolutions, but overtime it becomes difficult to maintain them. Listen to the tips to setting and maintaining your resolutions!


Live with Ken Broo WLW Cincinatti

Ken Broo interviews Shira Block on love and online dating (36:20 minutes in)

audio Block
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USA Today Radio The Rusty Humphries Show

Legendary Nationwide syndicated Radio Host Rusty Humphries interviews Shira Block


WRHI AM Charlotte NC Hammer and Boozer AM Show

Freddi and Chuck talk romance with Shira Block.


WGN Radio Chicago the Dane Neal Show

Dane Neal talks to Shira Block about online dating and catfishing.



WLW AM Cincinnati OH the Eddie and Tracy Show

We were scheduled to talk about love and relationships but they found women's underwear to be more interesting! If you're over 18, have a listen! 

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WGCH AM the Debbie Nigro Show

Debbie talks about the dangers of online dating.

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WVLM The Jack Pattie Show News Talk

Jack talks to Shira about dating in the cyber age.


KAHI Radio Sacramento the Mary Jane Pop Show

Mary Jane talks to Shira about love and life.

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KVT 1590 AM the Kim Pagano Show

Kim talks to Shira about ways to stay positive.

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WPLF Radio Lou in the Morning

Lou Vickery talks to Shira about love and life.


BizTalk with Frankie Boyer Live

Frankie talks life with Shira at the 16 minute mark.

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Conversations with Vickie St. Clair

Vickie talks to Shira about life and love in the cyber world.

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Morning Show with Shelley Irwin, Live on NPR WGVU-AM&FM

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Personal Coaching

Through referrals only, available to work one-on-one to pinpoint and reach goals, while identifying and dismantling blocks, fears, and hidden issues. 

Workshop Instruction

Available to conduct workshops and seminiars on various topics such as:

  • Business Writing 
  • Technical Writing
  • Multicultural Communications
  • Corporate as a Second Language: Learning effective verbal and non-verbal communication in the workplace
  • Making Conscious Life Choices
  • Improving Family Dynamics
  • Improving multi-generational Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Managing Anger and other Strong Emotions
  • Evolution of the Soul

Writing and Editing

Available to write, edit, and collaborate on books, business and technical documents, newletters, articles, and marketing copy. Speciaized in translating documents written by non-native English speakers into standard American Business English.

Course Development

Available to tailor-make existing curriculum to meet your organization's needs or to create new programming from scratch.


Available for 30-60 minute talks on various inspirational and motivational topics.

Radio and Television Appearances

Available as a guest on radio and television discussing Shira's new novel, Limerence as well as up-to-date issues and concerns that affect all of us.    

Click here to listen to recent interviews!


From the Hartford Insurance Company

The class material was exceptional. My co-workers continually borrow my business writing standards flip chart.

I took the class twice because there was so much to learn.

Shira made herself available for weeks after I attended the class. She helped me to improve on a manual that I had been struggling with for weeks.

Shira's class was mandatory. I wasn't happy going in - but she won me over immediately. I learned a lot and it was time well spent.

From ConEdison, New York

Shira is incredibly funny which is helpful for a potentially boring topic. The day went by surprisingly fast.

My favorite part of the class was document editing. I was very helpful to see the before and after and how applying business writing rules makes such a difference.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was a great reminder of all I had forgotten.

From Travelers Insurance Company

I learned a lot and had fun doing it.

Shira is a great instructor. She kept my interest the entire day. She clearly has a passion for the topic and brought excitement to the class.

Shira is extremely knowledgeable. Her feedback was supportive and helpful. I feel more confident in my ability to send out professional correspondence.

I hate writing - but Shira made the class fun. The day flew by

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